It is a great time of year!  The holidays are near.  I will be spending a lot of time with my family this holiday season, which means I will be around a lot of food. For most who are working on a weight loss plan, the holidays are a scary time of year.  After all, […]

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Should You or Shouldn’t You Eat Right Before or After Exercise I am back with one more blog in this series of posts.  I have shared with you the best time of day to workout, how to exercise so you lose the most amount of weight, the fallacies of using products to help you lose more […]

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Running on the Treadmill is the Most Effective Way to Lose Weight I am having a great time busting these myths with you.  I hope that you get a lot of useful tips from this 5 part series.  Remember that if you ever have a question, send me an email at and I will […]

Weight Loss Pills are not needed

Using “Burn Fat While You Sleep” Products Will Help You Lose More Weight   I have clients ask about these type of weight loss aids all the time.  First, I want to say that you can lose weight without any “diet pills” or supplements. Myth: Diet pills and other diet products that help you burn fat while […]

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