My Number One Priority

1) Family (R, R, & L)
2) Health/Fitness
3) Career

The reason(s) I have placed the greatest importance on this area of my life is because:
I love them completely and without them my life would have a huge void.  Everything I have been doing up until now has been about getting to spend the rest of my life with them and being able to live a healthy life with them.
I will honor my number one priority by doing my best to:
be actively and emotionally involved in their lives.  Spending as much quality time with them as needed to show that I want to actively and emotionally be involved in their lives.
The following action(s) would be inconsistent with my commitment to my top priority:
working long, draining hours that cause me to be away from home too long or cause me to be exhausted when I am home.
To honor my number one priority, I will limit the following:
time spent at work, time spent away from home, things that keep me emotionally detached.
To honor my number one priority, I need to make the following changes:
Quit JCP, not work mundane part-time jobs just because I feel I have to.  Build up my business so I can be financially secure & spend as much quality time as I can at home.  Get a full-time job where I have consistent hours and work schedules.

My number one priority is to be actively and emotionally involved in R’s life, our kid’s lives, and L’s life; to show them that they matter most to me through my actions; to be able to enjoy all life as to offer with them by being present and being financially stable and fit/healthy enough to enjoy those things that life has to offer; to show them I love them by being healthy and fit so that I can care for them and be there for them.


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