SMART Health & Fitness goal

   First, I need to go through and rewrite some of the goals I made the other day.  I discovered that a couple can be combined and one should be split into two.  So, here is my new goal list for the next 12 months.

1) I am living close to R and am able to spend quality time with him.
2) Energy’s website is up and running with 500 hits.
3) Energy for Life: Weight Loss Workshop is bringing in a five-figure yearly income of $50,000.
4) I have a teaching career as a full-time teacher in Jefferson County, Alabama.
5) I am at my goal weight of 147.8 pounds.
6) I am able to spend weekends with friends and family because I have them off.
7) I am driving my pink Camaro.
8) I am financially able to get my divorce and have started the paper work.
9) I am successfully leading others to their healthy goal weights by coaching 5 health/fitness classes per week online.
10) I have completely paid back the $2,000 I have borrowed from my parents.
   PUSH Health Goal: I am at my goal weight of 147.8 pounds.
   Using this as my health goal, I am going to create a SMART health goal.  This will break it down into the smallest, measurable, achievable, rewarding, time sensitive goal that I can use.
   Smallest: 2-4 wks time
     ~This morning I weighed in at 166.5 pounds; one month from now I will weigh 159.82 pounds, two months from now I will weigh 153.14 pounds, and three months from now I will be at my goal weight of 147.8 pounds.
   Measurable: 1% loss per week = 1.67 x 4 = 6.68 pounds per month
   Achievable: add one hour of exercise Monday – Saturday in the morning before work
                      add 15 minutes of exercise Sunday morning before Church
   Rewarding:  Reaching this goal will improve my energy levels, give me more time during the day, help make me physically fit, help me live a long and healthy life, and help me be the great role model that I want to be.
   Time Sensitive: 1.67 pounds/week = 6.68 pounds/month = goal weight February 15, 2012.

SMART Health Goal: I have lost 6.68 pounds per month putting me at my goal weight of 147.8 pounds by February 15, 2012. 

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