Reverse Engineering

  Now that I have a wonderful PUSH goal and am ready to make it happen, I need to know the steps to make it happen.  This is done through “Reverse Engineering.”  I took my goal: Energy for Life: Weight Loss Workshop is bringing in a yearly income of $50,000, and wrote down a brainstormed list of everything that needs to be done to reach that goal.  I love to write in my notebook because it makes it more real and the process of taking a pen to paper helps to solidify my thoughts.

    My list is extremely long since it includes every little thing that I need to do to reach my goal.  It is two pages long so I am not going to put the whole thing here.  I am going to say that about 10 items on the list involve research.  I need to research websites, other weight loss seminars/workshops and their pricing, website designers, web domains and a few others.  Research is a very important step in reaching any goal.  It allows you to gain knowledge and information that will make you extremely successful.
    I will go on to reverse engineer each of my ten goals.  By doing this, I will be able to successfully reach each and every one of them.  The list I created will become part of my daily to-do list until each of the goals is reached.  All of this is part of the foundation of my life.

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