Reverse Engineering My Health Goal

My Health Goal: By losing 6.68 pounds per month, or 1.67 pounds per week, I have reached my goal weight of 147.8 pounds in 12 weeks.

     As I have stated before, reverse engineering my goals helps me realize the steps I need to take to reach it.  Some of the things may be done quickly, others may need some time, but they are all helpful.  Ideas just kept coming to me as I began to write.  Here is the reverse engineering of my health goal (these are not in any particular order, because it is a brainstorm):

  • How much of a calorie deficit do i need to create each week?
  • Calories (BMR) per day right now
  • calories I need to consume each day
  • research cost of body fat % testing
  • measure my body fat %
  • what should my body fat % be
  • create exercise routine
  • create workouts
  • accountability partner
  • soul mate workout
  • arrange my schedule for a.m. workouts
  • talk with someone with the same goals
  • set 2 dates to try new workouts
  • make a batch meal on Sunday/Wednesday
  • prep my food so it’s easy to grab & go
  • schedule review of health goal on calendar
  • journey reflection on health goal
  • journal exercise & nutrition
  • create journals for exercise & nutrition
  • find spot for paperclip streaking
  • make perpetual grocery list



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2 comments on “Reverse Engineering My Health Goal
  1. Matt-Man says:

    That's great info. You keep talking about how much weight you lost, but you should show some before and after pictures to show the real impact of your strategies. Joking aside, I've a a couple of great before photos for you.


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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