Kick It Up a Notch

Where do you want to be one year from now?

Now is the perfect time to start on your New Year’s weight loss resolution!!!

You can win the war against your weight.

Have you noticed the weight begin to add up?

Are you tired of being tired all the time?

Have you tried all the weight loss diets and pills with continued failure?

Do you isolate yourself from social interaction?

You are struggling with weight loss and you are not alone.

When I began my weight loss journey, I was close to 300 pounds.  I, too, had been listening to and using all the advice Imy story heard.  It didn’t matter where it came from; I was desperate to lose weight.  I wanted my energy back.  I wanted to be slim like the rest of my family and friends.  I wanted to be able to go out into public and not be judged.

It took me years to find what truly worked.  You do not have to take that long.

I have done all the research for you.  I have spent hours researching, using trial and error, reading, and surfing the internet to find what works best.

I used this knowledge to lose 120 pounds in less than two years.  I now want to help you.

You can lose all the weight you want!

You can have that body you have always dreamed about!

Get started to a slimmer, leaner, healthier you in just days.  Get started today!

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Over the next three months you will: 

  • Define your personal schedule
  • Reach a new level of person performance
  • Develop healthier eating habits
  • Lose weight around your busy schedule rather than scheduling life around your weight loss
  • Uncover weight loss secrets that will take you from fat mom to skinny mom
  • Learn how to lose weight while enjoying play time with your kids
  • Gain more time to spend with your family
  • Create a weight loss plan that does not involve abandoning your family

Some of the bonus side effects you may experience are:

  • increased energy and motivation
  • improved productivity and satisfaction
  • weight loss, less bloating, less physical discomfort
  • improved relationships with your friends and family
  • decreased stress levels
  • an expanded culinary range
  • better sleep
  • more fun

Why would you want to wait?  

The time is NOW!  

Get support and begin losing weight today! (Click the PayPal button below)

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Working one-on-one allows me to be laser-focused on your specific situation. If you’re not comfortable opening up in front of groups, you’re having trouble translating general advice to your own specific blocks, or you just want to invest in yourself, individual coaching could be the right fit.

Read what a few of my clients have had to say:

test 1

test 2

test 3

Sign me up now!  I am ready!  Is this you, click “Buy Now” below.

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Purchase today and you get it all:

  • 3 monthly personalized phone calls

  • Unlimited email communication

  • Weekly personalized action steps that help keep you on track

  • Weekly or daily email reminders (you get to choose)

Want even more?

Order during February and get Jessica on SPEED DIAL

  • 30 extra emergency minutes to use each month
  • Use the minutes to call me when you are have a difficult time making a decision
  • Call me when ever you are struggling with the right workout
  • Give a call when you need a little extra motivation and support

Lose an average of 8 – 20 pounds each month, continually until you reach your weight loss goal.  Plus, you get to do it all from the comfort of your home.

Get started today!  Make 2015 the year you reach your weight loss goal.

Now through February 28, 2015 pay only $197.00 

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