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Personalized One-to-One Coaching

Working one-on-one allows me to be laser-focused on your specific situation. If you’re not comfortable opening up in front of groups, you’re having trouble translating general advice to your own specific blocks, or you just want to invest in yourself, individual coaching could be the right fit. 

All coaching sessions 45-60 minutes in length.

*Receive a complimentary strategy call to determine if we are a good fit and what your next action needs to be.

You can work with me several ways. Not sure which is the best fit? Let’s talk about it.


Kickstart your weight loss – 1 Month program

This is one month of intense coaching to get you on your way to successful weight loss. One time payment option only

The KickStart Program includes:

*        3 Specialized coaching calls to kick start your weight loss

*        Weekly personalized assignments that help you stay on track

*        21 Day Weight Loss Domination Kit

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Ultimate Weight Loss – 6 Month Coaching Package

 One time and monthly payment options:

Gold    (Monthly Payment Plan)
30 emergency minutes per month to use when you choose

Platinum  (One Payment)
Jessica on speed dial (10-15 minute calls when ever you need support)

Autographed copy of  Reach Your Weight Loss Goals: How to lose weight & keep it off


The Ultimate Weight Loss option includes:

*        18 45-60 minute coaching calls

*        Weekly personalized assignments that keep you on track

*        Unlimited email communication

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Email Coaching

Monthly payment option only 

If you’re in need of some structured support, you’re busy, or you travel a lot, email coaching is a great way to stay accountable and on track with your goals.

 Email coaching includes:

*        Weekly check-in emails

*        Unlimited email support with 24-hour maximum response time

*        Flexible scheduling and budget-friendly support

 All though this is email coaching, I highly recommend a live call to get the ball rolling.  It will give us an opportunity to discuss what you are expecting in depth and guide me in the right direction for you.

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